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I have never been one of those people who runs with the wrong crowd, but about six months ago, I knew that I was in trouble. I was with someone when she did something against the law, and it made me a suspected accomplice. I knew that I needed help to prove my innocence regarding the involvement, so I started going through and talking with different criminal attorneys. I was able to find a great lawyer that really understood my position, and he did everything possible to prove my innocence. This blog is all about proving your innocence in court, so that you can move on with your life.



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Proving My Innocence

Simple Tips For Workers' Comp Success

by Ray Barnes

When you get hurt on the job, you will need workers' comp to help you. It will pay those costly medical bills and a portion of your salary. Unfortunately, injured workers are denied their benefits all the time because of mistakes during the claims process. You don't have to be an expert in workers' comp to improve your chances of being successful, but you do need to understand how it works and a few requirements. Read on for simple tips for workers' comp success.

Report your injury: While the exact time limits for alerting your supervisor and filing a claim varies by state, you must take action quickly to avoid missing the deadline. Check with your state's workers' compensation board to learn more about the time limits, or you could end up missing out on important benefits.

Get medical treatment: No matter how minor you think your injury might be, let a professional evaluate you before you just ignore the problem. Not only do you stand a better chance of having a faster recovery if you get good medical care, but you also will strengthen your workers' comp claim. You cannot claim to have a legitimate work-related injury if you did not feel it needed medical attention.

Consider switching doctors: This is another rule that varies by states, but in some cases, you must initially use a certain doctor for treatment. If so, it's not in your best interest to be treated by someone that answers to the workers' comp insurance carrier. You may have the right to request a new doctor after a certain period of time. Having a doctor that you trust to give the best care, no matter what is vital.

Know what benefits to expect. It's important that you check with your state's workers' comp board to verify what benefits you have; don't rely on your employers' workers' comp carrier to tell you what you deserve. Typically, you can expect the following:

  • Temporary benefits, which cover your medical bills and a portion of your salary for a period of time.
  • Permanent benefits, which cover more severe injuries that keep you from working permanently.
  • Vocational rehabilitation, which can train you to do other work and will assist you in finding work.

Undergo an independent medical exam. This exam may be ordered to determine how well your injury is healing, or not healing. Be very cautious about this exam, sometimes the workers' comp carrier is using this exam in an attempt to cut off your benefits. If you are still too hurt to return to work, speak to a workers' comp attorney for help with your claim.

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