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I have never been one of those people who runs with the wrong crowd, but about six months ago, I knew that I was in trouble. I was with someone when she did something against the law, and it made me a suspected accomplice. I knew that I needed help to prove my innocence regarding the involvement, so I started going through and talking with different criminal attorneys. I was able to find a great lawyer that really understood my position, and he did everything possible to prove my innocence. This blog is all about proving your innocence in court, so that you can move on with your life.



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Proving My Innocence

Did Your Extramarital Affair Lead To False Accusations Of Rape? 3 Tips To Handle The Charges

by Ray Barnes

Extramarital affairs happen for many reasons, and both partners typically enter the relationship with an awareness that they are taking on some level of risk. While you might have thought about getting caught by your spouses, the last thing you ever imagined was that it would turn into an accusation of rape. 

While it is rare, people sometimes will do anything to cover up an affair, and you are now left to prove your innocence. Now that you've been falsely accused of a sex crime, you can use these tips to get started on handling your defense.

1. Preserve Any Potential Evidence

Being accused of a sex crime opens up a floodgate of emotions. Whether you feel angry or depressed, you must ignore the temptation to erase everything that reminds you of your accuser. While you may not want to read through old texts or look at their pictures, these are the exact types of evidence that can lead to your exoneration. Although it may be embarrassing to reveal photographs or text scripts of your affair to someone else, you must be willing to do what it takes to keep this false accusation from destroying your life.

2. Write Down Details of Your Affair For Your Attorney

A sex crime attorney knows how to conduct an investigation that proves your innocence. However, their effectiveness depends upon you being able to give them as much information as possible to work with. Write down details such as the names of the venues that you went together and the contact information for any potential witnesses that knew about the affair. Then, hand this all over to your attorney so that they can determine if any of the information could help your case.

3. Prepare to Work to Preserve Your Reputation

While you may be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, the unfortunate truth is that the public may not see it this way. People falsely accused of a sex crime may find their images being displayed on the news, and you could even lose your job to this event. Never blow off false allegations. Make sure to follow through with every attorney appointment, court date, and court order that is enacted during this time. Being proactive about your case gives you the best chances for a desirable outcome.

When your affair takes a life-altering turn, you must take action. By keeping control over your emotions and working with a competent attorney, you have a better chance at proving your innocence so that you can move on from this difficult moment in your life.