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Proving My Innocence

I have never been one of those people who runs with the wrong crowd, but about six months ago, I knew that I was in trouble. I was with someone when she did something against the law, and it made me a suspected accomplice. I knew that I needed help to prove my innocence regarding the involvement, so I started going through and talking with different criminal attorneys. I was able to find a great lawyer that really understood my position, and he did everything possible to prove my innocence. This blog is all about proving your innocence in court, so that you can move on with your life.



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Proving My Innocence

    Did Your Extramarital Affair Lead To False Accusations Of Rape? 3 Tips To Handle The Charges

    Extramarital affairs happen for many reasons, and both partners typically enter the relationship with an awareness that they are taking on some level of risk. While you might have thought about getting caught by your spouses, the last thing you ever imagined was that it would turn into an accusation of rape.  While it is rare, people sometimes will do anything to cover up an affair, and you are now left to prove your innocence.

    Your Actions Before, During, And After A Traffic Stop Could Help You Fight The Ticket

    Sometimes, the day can go very badly, very quickly. You're late for work and the speed limit drops from 55 to 35 in a matter of feet. Before you know it, red and blue lights flash in your rear-view – you know in that instant that you're not only going to be late for work, but you're also going to have a hefty fine to pay – a bad day, indeed.

    Why You Should Hire An Experienced DUI Attorney

    When it comes to beating your driver under the influence (DUI) charge, the only way to mount a successful outcome is to use a totally thorough and credible DUI defense strategy. Your DUI defense attorney may use strategies such as obtaining a reduced charge, or even having this serious charge completely dismissed for one reason or another, which is considered to be legal in a court of law. So what are some of the strategies that could work in your favor as a defendant?

    Simple Tips For Workers' Comp Success

    When you get hurt on the job, you will need workers' comp to help you. It will pay those costly medical bills and a portion of your salary. Unfortunately, injured workers are denied their benefits all the time because of mistakes during the claims process. You don't have to be an expert in workers' comp to improve your chances of being successful, but you do need to understand how it works and a few requirements.

    Have You Been Accused Of A Sex Crime? Questions You Should Ask When Hiring A Criminal Attorney

    If you have been arrested and charged with a sex crime, you may be looking to hire a criminal attorney to assist you with the case. Many sex crimes carry long jail terms and the possibility of having to register as a sex offender if you are convicted, so obtaining the best counsel is important. If you are looking to hire a sex crimes attorney, you may be unsure of what to look for in an attorney.

    Smash, Crash, Lack Of Memory: How Your DUI Criminal Lawyer May Defend You

    Some people are able to remember what happened on their wild nights out, but most others are not. If you stumbled home and woke up in your own bed to the sound of police officers on your doorstep, you are in a lot of trouble. The charges you face could be really awful, and you will need a criminal defense lawyer. Say nothing to the police, and wait for your lawyer.

    What Happens During A DUI Arraignment

    If you have never been arrested and charged with a crime, then you probably have no idea what happens after your arrest. Your first appearance in court is called the arraignment, and the following are the major events to expect during this session: The Judge Will Read Your Charges This is the time you will know of all the charges against you. Just because you were arrested for DUI, it doesn't mean it is the only charge you will be facing.

    Defenses That Can Help You When You Are Falsely Accused Of Drug Possession

    Do you know that you can spend a decade in jail if you are convicted of drug possession? It's even worse if the drugs you have been accused of possession weren't actually yours. Luckily, there are a few defenses that can get you off the hook in such a situation; here are three examples of such defenses: The Drug Wasn't Yours This can only work if the drugs weren't actually on your person; there is no way you can convince the court that someone else's drugs were in your pocket.